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This site is sponsored by a Non-Profit organization with information from 35+ years of evaluating hundreds of alcohol and drug rehab centers on-site to find the few that prove that drug rehab works.


This is the ONLY website on the internet that has been developed by Licensed and Certified Counselors with Professional Degrees and years of experience.  Proving drug rehab works for you or your loved one is more important that anything else if you are suffering from an addiction.  Only someone with years of experience analyzing the process and outcomes of drug rehabs  knows how to lead you to quality drug rehab programs and keep you from being hurt by programs that don’t work.  Many rehab programs have different methods that they use to address addiction and many of those are ineffective.  Find out what approach is most effective.


We are here to show you what works and what doesn’t. You can be guaranteed that this information is accurate and helpful. This type of professional consultations usually cost of over $100, but this site is being run by dedicated and retired professionals that are eager to share their knowledge with those that need their help with no cost for their consultations.

Alert: We have been getting very disturbing calls from people that are really suffering after taking Bath Salts. Calls us and we will help you end the insanity that you feel after taking these poisons. If you haven’t ever taken Bath Salts, PLEASE DON’T take Bath Salts, believing that it is a harmless drug.  Read the story below about three young people who wish they hadn’t ever started taking this drug.  

• Special Alert: Go to this page on Bath Salts (The New Street Killer)

Update:  Its been about a year since we placed this warning on our front page.  In that time we have had three persons that were addicted to Bath Salts admitted into an effective treatment centers, that uses the biophysical modality of treatment, which is highly recommended for this type of addiction.

One of the three spent three months in treatment and relapsed back on Bath Salts within ten days of treatment.  His justification was the fact that it isn’t a dangerous drug and isn’t addicting.  He is now back in treatment and hopefully he will take it seriously this time.  The facts about this drug, like many designer drugs, doesn’t contain all of the data about its complications and dangers, but believe us when we tell you, you don’t want to get started on a drug that is making many psychotic.  The neurotoxic nature of Bath Salts should be enough to “scare-you-straight”.  The other two young men did well and treatment and are continuing to live a drug-free lives.

If circumstances keep you fro being able to go to an alcohol and drug rehab center,  Check Out the Two New Programs you can do without going to an alcohol and drug rehab center (click on these links): Detox at Home and Brief Intensive Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction.  If you are fortunate enough to go to a quality rehab program, consult with us to see what choices you have within your price range or if you have medical insurance converge, we will be able to direct you to quality programs that accept your policy.

Quality Alcohol and Drug Assessments and Evaluations for DUI’s and other court-related concerns as well as providing assessments and referrals to the Most Effective Rehab Centers in the Nation…… 888-781-7060

Your calls will be answered by a Senior Licensed Supervisor of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, who has reviewed alcohol and drug rehabs throughout the U.S. and Europe for over 35 years.

Have you already been in alcohol or drug treatment and when you finished, you felt more like addiction is your fault, or you resent that you have a “life-long” disease? If so, your treatment wasn’t effective and you have every right to be angry!

Many Drug Rehabs tell their patients that “Once an addict, always an addict”….DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Do Not believe the conventional wisdom that drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic, incurable and progressive brain diseases.  Don’t listen to the cliche´that “Once an Addict, Always an Addict”, or the other false data: that the disease is worse in some and they may not be able to ever recover. This attitude and philosophy gives alcohol and drug rehab centers an excuse to FAIL!

So-called “authorities or experts” in the field of drug rehabilitation have asserted this viewpoint for decades, but there are drug rehab centers that have routinely disproven these statements by treating and graduating addicts and alcoholics who achieve a stable, drug-free life, with a successful permanent cure.  The treatment programs that we support are helping  people change their lives for the better and they are not being sentenced to a life of relapses, failed purposes, continuing support-group meetings, broken family lives, and a lifetime of recovery.

Young people and more and more of our society are impressionable and listen to what they are told to believe on television and other pop media.  A good example of lies that will get you in trouble can be see in the latest arguments about legalization of marijuana  Go to our page on MARIJUANA and see how wrong Bill Maher can be!

The sole purpose of for-profit treatment centers, like those owned by CRC, exist to make and increase profits. They see the world in terms of a scarcity of resources, in their case, that would be patients.  Therefore, the idea that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease without a cure keeps them from being responsible for their failures. These for-profit treatment centers do a grave disservice to our field by turning out graduates that not only continue their self-destructive addictive behaviors, but usually get worse because they now feel that there is no hope!  This leaves the addict being more reckless in his use and is a major reason why so many relapses after treatment lead to over-doses.

This is why everyone should question the idea that you or your loved one will always be suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, or perhaps some other addiction. Follow the money and look at who makes the most from these determinations of diseases and you can begin to question the validity of their statements.

Many drug and alcohol treatment “authorities” will tell you that “the research demonstrates” that substance abuse and drug addiction diseases are inherited and there isn’t anything that can change that condition. These people and their programs truly believe what they are saying, but there is much more research that documents that addiction IS NOT inherited nor is it a disease and that’s not mentioned by these “disease-model” treatment centers.  In fact, if you go to one of these programs, you will repeatedly hear that addiction is a severe disease and it is so bad that only about one in ten will make it.

Good rehab program get over 50% success and many are closer to 70%.  These programs have no reasons to talk about how bad this “disease” can be.  They are busy changing behaviors and lives so that people who have suffered with an impaired existence of being loaded on alcohol or other drugs can confront their past and take responsibility for their behaviors and then learn new ways to operate in the world that make them successful and takes away the urges to relapse back into alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction.

Regardless of the evidence used, this disease model argument is weak and can’t be proven. However, if you look past the addict and look at the economics of making alcohol and drug addiction an incurable disease, you will see what forwards this argument. It’s not about the facts, but profits and greed.

There is a way out, since other drug addicts are proving that addiction does end. Don’t let anyone convince you that there is no hope and that alcohol and drug treatment or drug rehab centers don’t work….even though many treatment modalities are doomed for failure there are those that are ABSOLUTELY successful!

You should only need ONE drug rehab center treatment and not multiple drug treatments!  For some this may sound grandiose, but a motivated patient who wants to change his life can be thwarted by most treatment centers and those who are motivated at the time they enter treatment, should be quickly convinced to chose life over death and good, ethical treatment centers do just that.

When you call many of the other alcohol and drug rehab helplines on the web, you will be talking to a young person whose only experience with drug treatment is his own attendance in a alcohol or drug rehab. Being an ex-addict is commendable and valuable in helping to”bond” with another addict and get them into treatment and, certainly talking with a survivor helps you visualize where you hope that you or your loved one will be soon, but their clinical understanding is shallow, they lack the assessment education and skills to choose the best and most appropriate alcohol and drug rehab centers!  They lack the analytical comparisons that are needed to determine which drug rehab program is right for you or your loved one.

Our Drug Rehab Resources Network

Our Drug Rehab Center Network (1-888-781-7060) is managed by the PITA (Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Aftercare) Group, Inc., a non-profit alcohol and drug rehab certification and accreditation company with 24 years of experience in evaluating over 150 rehab programs on site. You will speak to an experienced, high-level, licensed and certified therapist with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in the addiction field and a minimum of 20 years experience. GET THE FACTS, NOT AN OPINION. Get the information you need to get past this problem and have a life and a family that is whole again!

The Drug Rehab Center Network provides rehabilitation services for alcoholism, drug addiction and referrals for those with a dual-diagnosis, who need mental health and alcohol and drug treatment. Without the help of this site and the alcohol and drug professionals that answer our phones, it is nearly impossible to find an effective drug treatment centers or rehab programs.

In fact, the author of this site had been a leader in the drug addiction treatment field for over 20 years, but when he was faced with finding an effective alcohol or drug rehabilitation program for his family member, he didn’t have a clue on which drug rehab centers were effective and which ones to avoid. Because of his ignorance, and not having anyone to turn to with better advice, his family member attended three, 30-day alcohol and drug rehab centers, failing and getting worse and more despondent each time. This is a man that was on the faculty of a prominent medical school, he had been the director of substance abuse treatment and prevention for a state’s health department, he had insurance and finances to choose any drug rehab center in the nation, and he still chose drug treatment centers that were ineffective.  After 28-days in a CRC rehab center and the subsequent relapse, he was told that his family member’s disease is so bad that he needs to start the grieving process.  

Enough gloomy news…Here’s the positive side of this story:

The good news is that after years of researching over 150 treatment programs and drug rehab centers, he found out what drug rehab centers work, his loved one has been well for over twenty-years and this website is his payback to help others to keep from having an experience like his or, God Forbid, even worse.  Needless to say, he would love to help you.

Drug Rehab Center Network is a comprehensive website with the resources to answer any of your questions regarding prevention, intervention treatment and aftercare (PITA). From this site you have the most comprehensive resource available for finding drug rehab centers, alcohol rehab centers,drug treatment programs, intervention services, alcohol and drug assessment services, aftercare services and individual detoxing or withdrawals and drug and alcohol counseling. We have access to over 10,000 rehab programs, from state-funded programs to private long-term addiction treatment in the form of Therapeutic Communities, biophysical treatment centers, or short-term (28-day) conventional treatment centers.

During the extensive research and discovery of what constitutes an effective treatment modality, we found that many drug rehab centers have good intentions, and truly care about saving lives, but they don’t have standardize treatment protocols that have been proven to be effective.  It’s not that they don’t care, most of them are uncured drug cases, themselves, and are suffering to stay clean and dedicate their lives to helping others.  You will find many that fit in this category and they believe in their programs philosophy with religious fervor.  Their salvation depends on it, and it makes them unable to listen to any other ideas about treatment.

If you go to a medical/surgical hospital from New York City to Los Angeles, you will find professionals with very similar training backgrounds and practices that could be understood by any Western trained doctors and nurses at any hospital or healthcare facility. This is not the case with programs treating alcohol and drug abuse or drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

One would think that if you found two drug rehab centers that were treating the same addiction, there would be many commonalities between the two centers. This will be the case sometime in the future, but for now, there are diverse opinions and conflicting data.

The alcohol and drug rehab and treatment field is in its infancy and there are few centers that are confident enough in their rehab practices to duplicate what they are doing in multiple locations that can verify positive outcomes.

It is definitely confusing, but we hope that you will base your decisions on facts from reputable professionals who are not bought off by for-profit, profits.  We at Drug Rehab Center Network hope that you are getting this data since either you or a loved one’s life is hangs in the balance.

This is LIFE and DEATH that we are confronting and that is why we only staffed with the highest level of experienced, licensed, and certified professional addiction counselors. Depend on our experience and don’t remake the wheel in trying to find what drug rehab centers are effective since you may not have the time to make any mistakes. So, in the words of Shawshank Redemption:  “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”!

The latest drug problem that is affecting many past the point of being able to rehab quickly or successfully is the use of Bath Salts and other drugs along this line, such as “Glass Cleaner” and “Rolex”.

Lindsay Lohan


As of March 18, 2013, Lindsay gets another sentence to rehab.  This time she has to say 90-days in a “lock-down” rehab.  Hopefully, she can realize that it is high-time to change and take advantage of this opportunity.  On April 01, 2013, Lindsay arrived back from Brazil, where she was able to party without worry about another arrest, and she made a reported $100K in endorsements and speaking arrangements, so she was in a good mood when she landed back at LAX.  Here April Fools joke to the public was a disguise of being pregnant.  This is more lighthearted Lindsay than she was in the recent past, so maybe she is finding some personal peace and will start producing artistically again soon.

Some of our contacts in the treatment field are reporting that Ms. Lohan has gone to a highly effective treatment program and is taking her issues seriously with a great attitude.  We hope this is not just a rumor, but since it is positive, it probably is the truth.  The tabloids aren’t interested in Ms. Lohan except in negative ways that have led her to fulfilling their prophesy.

We have been somewhat bored with Lindsay Lohan’s escapades.  Partly because we felt that the only thing that will make her change is to run out of bad options and start reaching for real help.  Unfortunately, she seems to be a long way from making that type of decision. However, we won’t lose hope, but we are NOT going to give notoriety to her “tough-girl” mach up.

A licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor comments on how Lindsay Lohan’s life may have a predictable Michael Jackson type ending. Read the Lindsay Lohan Commentary and see how her life is no different than yours or your loved one when it comes to drug addiction, except that Lindsay does her own drawing of the proverbial line in the sand at most drug treatment programs. Learn how celebrity excess and defiance of authority pertains to everyone’s lives and their addictions. The timeline of events and other comments are found on the Lindsay Page: Click Lindsay Here

Whitney Houston’s Death

All of us were saddened by the announcement on February 11, 2012 that Whitney Houston had been found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room. Everyone in the alcohol and drug rehab field probably assumed that it was drug related, but what should have been the cognition of anyone working to help people overcome addiction would be a feeling of guilt and anger that none of us did as much as we could have to handle her addiction.

Many in our field will think that is absurd, but believe me, the archaic attitudes that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease is exactly what keeps costing us the lives of our loved ones and keeps the alcohol and drug rehab field from assuming the level of responsibility that it should for these deaths. How easy it is to say, her disease was just too strong.  In other words, nothing can be done for some… especially the tough cases.  Ignorant comments, like that, cost us all the beauty of someone who is beyond description.

We at felt a personal loss when we heard that Whitney had died because we hadn’t tried to educate her “people” that there are solutions to addiction. We are familiar with the treatment programs that Ms. Houston attended and they aren’t on our referral list because they subscribe to that “disease” model. There is not reason why Ms. Houston had to suffer for so many years with her addiction, especially in light of the fact that she was reaching for help and had the resources to get any help she wanted. So our failure was not making it known to her that there are better treatment alternatives that are successful.

The only reason that we are still in the field and fighting to save the lives of addicted neighbors and loved ones is because we have viable answers. We have been in this battle for 35 years and would have found something much more meaningful to do with our talents if the only treatment that we could provide gets less than a 10% chance of success. That is the outcome from program that Whitney attended. Shame on those that continue to offer inadequate treatment alternatives and use the “disease” as an excuse for their failures. Shame on us for not taking the responsibility to reach out to Whitney and make her aware that she doesn’t have to continue hurting and destroying a body that is also a magnificent musical instrument that brought love and joy to all of us.

We will all miss Whitney Houston, but personally we will add meaning to her passing by heightening our resolve to better fight addiction problems and those treatments that are a “camouflaged hole” allowing addicts and their families to believe they have done all they can.  Most families, and I am sure this is true for Whitney’s as well, will say that they did all that they could. That is why we believe it is an outrage to allow programs to hide behind poor results and to blame the patients for not “hitting bottom” or that “the disease was so bad that death was inevitable”.  These are justifications and not explanations for their failures.

Charlie Sheen

It appears that Charlie Sheen is taking the “be concerned” spotlight from Lindsay. Charlie Sheen was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital on Jan. 27 for what was reported to be a hernia problem. We hope that Charlie begins to confront his life and take responsibility. We need celebrities that will show their fans that things get handled when you own the problems.

By now, everyone has heard about the marathon coke run that was the real reason from Charlie Sheen’s hospital visit. He had pushed the limits so far that he finally could go no further. Reportedly, Charlie is now in a alcohol and drug rehab center. Unfortunately, he has chose a center that won’t relieve his cravings, but will try to make him wake up to what he’s doing that is destroying his career and life. These types of programs have less than a 10% success. We all hope that Charlie is one of these successes. His addiction and his action should prove that drugs can affect anyone, no matter their possession and resources. We all hope that he will turn it around.

There isn’t much use in trying to say what Charlie Sheen needs in terms of professional help since he appears to have the opinion that he is okay, it is the rest of society that needs therapy. We also don’t want to beat this “dead horse” any more than the media is already doing.

Charlie is an example of how the toxic nature of coke or crack can actually change your ideas about the world, even when you are not loaded on the drug.

What Should Be Done If Your Young Adult Is Having An Addiction Problem

When families have to confront one of its members with an alcohol or drug addiction problem,  you find that even the most functional families feel awkward, insecure and intimidated when it comes to confronting an addiction problem in their own families.

Many times it is a teenager or a young adult that goes from using alcohol and other drugs on a recreational basis and progresses to a point where his life is being totally occupied and destroyed by an addiction.

Family member see this downward spiral as it is developing, but it is astounding how many families report that they just didn’t’ feel comfortable saying anything about what was so obviously happening.

Families are confused and have mixed emotions when they see their loved ones destroying themselves in, what appears to be, a willful decision to use excessive alcohol or other drugs.  One of the main reasons for this type of reluctance in confronting the abuser is because parents often feel that they must have done something or didn’t do enough of something that has led to their child becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Of course, families also have fantasy thinking that if you don’t confront the addiction issue, maybe it isn’t really as bad as it appears and maybe it will magically go away.  Parents find themselves over emphasizing the times when their addicted child has been successful and they use those times to blind themselves about the many other times that he has been an embarrassment to himself and the family.

The addicted loved one also knows how to handle any attempts at addressing his problem.  Young addicted men and women that are still living at home are usually skilled at shutting off any communication that might mean that they will have to take responsibility for the problem.  This can be as covert as changing the subject every time someone intimates that there is a problem, or they may find it more successful to yell and slam doors and make the parents feel guilty for “making this intrusion”.

No matter the tactic, this confrontation becomes a battle of wills and many times it is also a matter of life and death.  Too many families that have procrastinated about what they knew that they had to confront are faced with criminal proceeding, an automobile accident or an overdose before they finally realize that things don’t just get better on their own.  With addictions, time doesn’t heal all wounds.

It is imperative that if you have a loved one that you know is abusing alcohol or other drugs to a point that it is disrupting his or her productive abilities or is tearing the family apart, you cannot hesitate to either confront the issue with a resolution that leads to ending the problem or you enlist professionals to help you.
Ultimately, most addiction problems are going to require professional help and there are many trained and skilled professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others with these problems.

In finding the right professional to help, look for a professional that is licensed and degreed and has years of experience.  There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to handling these problems.  Each addict requires a different approach and seasons professionals have the tools to help you bring sanity back to your family.

Should I Be Concerned About “Bath Salt” as a Drug?

Laterly there have been news articles about young adults and some children having suicide attempts and overdoses from bath salts. However, this is only on the names that is being given to these hallucinogens that are being marketed on the internet and mail-order advertising. There are two drug that are being sold as “bath salts”: mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). On the internet they may be called” “plant food” or “bath salts.” Both of these drugs are synthetic stimulants that cause hallucinogenic effects. They are being sold in retail stores with names such as Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, Ocean, Charge Plus, White Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove and White Dove. Reference.

One of our licensed counselors recovered a young man from the Houston area who had relapse on Bath Salts.  When asked if he believes the propaganda that it is about the same as marijuana in its effects.  He emphatically said that it is the strongest drug he has ever taken. (in this case that is a large sampling)  He said that it is like taking strong marijuana laced with meth and heroin.  He said that it is very hard to even function on Bath Salts and that any parent should be able to identify that their kids are on drugs, maybe not specifically Bath Salts, but certainly they could tell that they are loaded.

Happily, this young man is now back in an effective treatment program that rountinely rehabilitates ex-Bath Salt users and stops their paranoia and recovers their IQ’s so that they can have the mental wherewithal to resist using it again.  Read more on our specific page on Bath Salts HERE.

Addiction Trends that are seen by Rehab Center’s Network 

We have our own small sampling that we can do based on the calls from the public in the United States. From that data we are seeing a rise in the number of opiate addicted public that are seeking treatment. These calls typically come from someone that is addicted to prescription pain pills, such as Oxycontin or Lortabs. About half of our calls come from this population and, luckily, we have good answers for them in terms of effective drug rehab centers that we can refer them to and follow their success.

What is different and is being seen on a regular basis in the past six months are calls from young individual, usually between 16 and 30, who are asking for help because of taking “Bath Salts”. A designer drug that is a hallucinogen, but should be categorized as a psychotic-making chemical. Many people are feeling the paranoia and other disturbing psychopathology, but think that is is coming from taking methamphetamine. We suspect that these people are really snorting Bath Salts, but have purchased meth. We have found some individuals that have been seasoned meth users calling with paranoia and other fearful manifestations which they have never had before on meth.

One family that we were working with lost their daughter to an overdose of Bath Salts, but before she died, she went through weeks of being driven crazy by her uncontrollable and terrifying thoughts and images.

We cannot warn all of you enough!!! Bath Salts will soon be illegal, but in the mean time, your children have ready access to this crazy-making drug. PLEASE, DO NOT EXPERIMENT WITH BATH SALTS…. DON’T TAKE THEM BECAUSE YOU MAY BE THE ONE THAT WILL BE DRIVEN OUT OF YOUR MIND!

If you are a loved on is in need of rehab because of bath salts, please call us and we will help you find relief or a rehab center that gets these poisons out of your body.. Call us at 888-781-7060. We will help you find drug and alcohol treatment that works and you will remember this coming decade as the beginning of your new life!

Drugs in the Workplace:

Some of the staggering facts about the cost of substance abuse in America. Did you know that:

  • Substance abuse costs the American economy more than $100 billion every year?
  • Substance abuse causes employers to incur a 300 percent increase in medical costs and benefits?

There are many more stats that can easily overwhelm the reader, but leave it to say that drugs, including alcohol, in the workplace is another important reason why the US economy is having such a difficult time recoverying from this recession. If you would like to do something about the problem in your workplace or a business that you run or own, call the experts at at 1-888-781-7060.

Drug Rehab Center Network Testimonials

“I called you last winter about my son and I am so thankful that I made that call. You spent literally hours helping me understand his addiction and how to react to his outburst, and you referred me to a drug rehab center that save his life. When my son wouldn’t go to another drug treatment center, you provided intervention services that got him into the dual diagnosis rehab program where he stayed for six months. My son is now in doing missionary work in Africa.”  – Martha B. Dallas

“The people helped us understand that my daughter could be normal and that she didn’t need psychiatric medications for the rest of her life. From addiction education, we were able to get my daughter into a rehab program that changed her life, not just her drug use. My daughter has become an ethical and contributing citizen that now leads and not follows. I am confident that she will never be disabled by addiction again. I cannot thank you enough.”  – Rachel R. Houston

“My family had decided that I needed to attend a residential drug treatment center, but when I visited one close to my home in Detroit, I was unimpressed and angered by the lies that had been told me by the intake counselor. I called and talked with their counselors and signed up for their Brief Intensive Therapy and after one week of their therapy, I am strong and able to be successful again and I would like to help others… – T.J. Detroit, MI

“I called because I wondered why you had information on Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. It seemed out of place on a site that is trying to help addicts”… – No Name

Left Response…The lives of celebrities are not that different from our own when it comes to how alcohol and drugs affect our behaviors and decisions. We live in an age where celebrities are given prophet-like status and their lives are emulated by many of us. Our purpose is to help everyone stabilize their lives by ending their addictions. If it helps to see where a celebrity has been successful or not in their own struggle, than we want to call attention to those facts. The celebrity’s addiction is an example of how money and other resources is not the answer to handling alcohol and drug abuse… it is personal change in person integrity that makes the difference. Thank you for your question.

When someone reaches the point that they want to end their addiction, they should be given the best opportunity available to resurrect their lives.  It can be argued that any treatment is better than none, but please take the time to find a drug rehab center that can demonstrate that they have the ability to end addiction and restore people to creative and productive lives.

There are many drug rehab centers available to those in need, but over 90% of those drug rehab centers do not offer the clinical technology to totally end addiction. Many people that need alcohol rehabilitation will try a recovery program to only find out that it has identified their problem, but hasn’t given them any solutions.

Many loved ones believe that the person that they are trying to help needs dual diagnosis treatment because they have so many moments of mental turmoil. They need to use extreme caution since most dual diagnosis drug rehab centers will accept someone into their program that is only acting out their toxic nature of addiction and does NOT need mental health treatment. There are plenty of licensed therapist that will agree with their wrong decision, and the patient hangs in the balance since he is in no condition to express his needs with clarity; he only wants to feel better and the dual diagnosis center may seem appropriate to him.

The outcome of this scenario would be a person taken off of street drugs and put on psychiatric drugs and submitted to needless and inappropriate therapies to only get back on the street drugs again.

The use and demand for drugs in America has been a major drain on our economy and we could supplement the economy by helping addicts find effective treatment. Putting addicted persons in jail just drains more of our scarce resources and raises our taxes.

If you would like to discuss the current, ineffective approach to our drug policies or the ineffective nature of our treatment system, call the number below and ask to speak to Mac who has reviewed over 150 centers on site and witnessed firsthand how our government turns its back on a solution to poor treatment. It is up to the public to demand effective help that makes sense and no longer accept the ideas that addiction is an incurable disease.

Fill out the our contact form and/or call us at 1-888-781-7060

Don’t miss the opportunity of helping someone you love with effective treatment!

The, through the Drug Rehab Center Network, is here to help educate individuals and families on how to locate a successful rehab program. Our service provides you with the professional consultation from counselors that have over 30 years of experience in the rehab field and have reviewed over 150 programs, on site. Call 1-888-781-7060 and get the information that you need to find a program with documented success.

Join in the discussion about the need for effective drug treatment and rehab by telling us your experiences. Send us your thoughts, ideas and questions to the helpline.

What Can Someone Expect from Treatment in an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center?

Everyone that has failed to control their use of alcohol or drugs decides that they need outside help to succeed and begin looking for the appropriate rehab program.  The thought of being in a confined in a rehab for weeks and maybe months is unnerving enough, but the mystery of what is going to happen while his time and will are being dictated by others brings him to wonder this very question.

Different modalities of alcohol and drug have activities that are designed to systematically bring a client to a point where they should be able to live an alcohol and drug free life upon the completion of the program.  Some clinical approaches are more successful than others, but they all have certain activities that are the same.

All residential treatment centers have a medical team that will assess the physical condition of their clients.  Alcohol and drug abuse cause direct damage to the body as well as putting the user in a high-risk environment where diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis, are commonly transmitted, especially when intravenous drugs are being used.  Since drug abuser neglect their hygiene and nutritional needs.

Some rehabs offer withdrawal procedures while others require that their clients come into rehab after they have completed detox from their addicting drugs.  Withdrawals are either categorized as Social Model Detox, where a person stops the drug use “cold turkey”, while others employ a Medical Detox where the addict is given other drugs to ease the pain of withdrawals.

At this point, drug rehabs differ in their approaches to help their clients confront the emotional damage of prolonged alcohol and other drug use as well as dealing with preexisting emotional social problems that have led to their choosing drugs to medicate their problems.

Most 12-step rehabs, which are based on the principals of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), offer group and individual therapy to address these issues.  In a typical 30-day rehab, a person will have large group therapy experiences daily where there will be upwards to thirty participants in the group and small group therapy where ten or less participants share their experiences and difficulties.

These programs will usually have one to three individual therapy experiences per week where the clients have one-on-one therapy.

12-step program routinely get their clients through the first three steps of the Big Book, which is the “bible” of AA and NA, by using workbooks and educational group meetings to help the clients understand this new philosophy.

Biophysical rehab programs have other therapeutic processes to help their clients better confront their lives as well as teaching them the life-skills that will help them sustain their healthy living after treatment.

Generally speaking, what one will experience in rehab is:

  1. Medical attention that addresses specific addiction health problems,
  2. Therapy for personal problems,
  3. Therapy for family and work-related problems,
  4. Some after-care counseling that is designed to help the clients continue staying clean and sober after graduation, and
  5. Graduation to celebrate one’s participation and completion in the program.

This is a very brief and general description of the actions taken in a rehab center, but it give the reader a general overview of the types of treatment one finds in residential rehab.

Lady GaGa Tells About Her Drug Past…Why?

There has always been the mystique that using drugs is for those that are down on the luck and for the creative and talented. If you were to examin the truly creative expressions in our society, you would find the fundimentally great works were from those that had strong personal ethics and didn’t have the need or the desire to be drugged.

In Vanity Fair in August 2010, Lady GaGa says: “I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist.” Regarding men, she says, “I’m drawn to bad romances. And my song [“Bad Romance”] is about whether I go after those [sort of relationships] or if they find me. I’m quite celibate now; I don’t really get time to meet anyone.”

Gaga talks candidly about her drug use and recalls her ultimate low point: “I was completely mental and had just been through so much.” She had been using drugs, and is quick to tell Robinson that, if she writes about that incident, “I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way. I don’t want my fans to think they have to be that way to be great. It’s in the past. It was a low point, and it led to disaster.”

You can see from this much up that she has identified herself with the lonely, yet creative artist. If she didn’t want to lead her fans in the wrong direction, then just don’t say anything about your drug use. I am sure that she did it in total innocence, but it does help to mold our impressionable youth that doing drugs is just part of the maturation process… only if you want to mature to new depths and not grow and be happy. (Mac’s Editorial Comment)

Paris Hilton Gives Us Another Role Model

On August 28th, 2010 Paris added another negative role model for our impressionable youth. She was arrested in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine. She and a male companion were stopped due to the suspicion of smoking marijuana and when they were searched, Paris possessed a small amount of cocaine. This isn’t any surprise, considering how she has always chosen to be in the spotlight, starting with her pornographic video, but the news media grabs stories like this without a care for the youth in our society that are aspiring to be like Paris. We believe that the judge should require her to make public appearances denouncing the use of drugs and apologizing for her unethical behavior. It would also be fitting if the news media would start highlighting celebrities that are doing positive actions and not feature those that are violating the rules of conduct.

As of 2011, Paris Hilton has not been in the news about any drug related problems, so we will assume that she is doing her best to live an ethical life. If, in the future, we find other facts, we will document them and give our advice on which drug rehab centers could rehabilitate her career and, more importantly, her life.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information contained here should be considered medical advice. Alcohol and other drug detoxification should be done under medical and/or professional supervision. At the first sign of alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms or discomfort, immediately seek medical advice. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol or other drugs without proper medical supervision. If you feel that you have a medical emergency, call 911 and seek local advice. We are very qualified to give you advice on which drug rehab centers can give you the best chance of success and explain the alcohol and drug treatment procedure, but we do not make diagnosis over the internet.

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