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Effective Drug Rehabs

Our Alcohol and Drug Experts Show You Why:effective drug rehabs work

Effective Drug Rehabs Work when you find the right match.


• Find out the Truth About Alcohol or Drug Addiction.

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Free Consultation on which effective drug rehabs work and why  they are effective.  To be an effective drug rehab, anyone with a drug problem needs a drug rehab that is individualized.  One that address their particular addiction needs.  We provide assessments to help you determine which effective drug rehabs work and which ones are not right for you. We will help you find an Effective Drug Rehab Program.


We have alcohol and drug rehab programs to meet all families incomes.

To show that effective drug rehabs work, we are presenting the ONLY website on the internet that has been developed by Licensed and Certified Counselors with Professional Degrees and over 30-years of experience.  Proving effective drug rehab work when you find the right match is a matter of understanding the different types of rehabs, which ones are effective and how to match them to your needs.

Only someone with years of experience analyzing the process and outcomes of alcohol and drug rehabs  knows how to lead you to effective drug rehabs and keep you from being hurt by programs that don’t work.  Many rehab programs have different methods that they use to address addiction and many of those are ineffective.

What is meant by “effective drug rehabs work”?  To answer that questions we will have you understand the different alcohol and drug rehabs and what approaches are most effective.

A common reaction of those who have been in alcohol or drug treatment is to feel as though their addiction is their fate or their fault, rather than taking responsibility for their problem.  Those who have already been in alcohol or drug treatment and completed the program many times feel that they have a “life-long” disease? If this is true for you, your treatment wasn’t effective and you have every right to be angry! However, you probably feel depressed and powerless.  These are not positive outcomes of a treatment program and they are markers of future relapse and failure.


Many Drug Rehabs tell their patients that “Once an addict, always an addict”….DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Do Not believe the conventional wisdom that drug addiction and alcoholism are “chronic, incurable and progressive brain diseases”Don’t listen to the cliche´that “Once an Addict, Always an Addict”, or the other false data: that the disease is worse in some people and they may not be able to ever recover. This attitude and philosophy gives alcohol and drug rehab centers an excuse to FAIL! These types of messages are bound to cause failures.  A good drug rehab program gives a person the feeling that they CAN over come their poor choices from the past, it makes a graduate feel that his options are limitless, and he knows the steps it takes to accumulate wins in his life.  He doesn’t have to continually go over all of the misdeeds from the past and deliver hundreds of “Hail Marry’s” to be accepted in public again.

So-called “authorities or experts” in the field of drug rehabilitation have asserted negative viewpoints for decades, but there are drug rehab centers that have routinely disproven these statements by treating and graduating addicts and alcoholics who achieve a stable, drug-free life, with a successful permanent cure. Isn’t this want you are looking for?  Doesn’t this make sense?

The treatment programs that we support are helping  people change their lives for the better and they are not being sentenced to a life of relapses, failed purposes, unending support-group meetings, broken family lives, and a lifetime of recovery.

Many drug and alcohol treatment “authorities” will tell you that “the research demonstrates” that substance abuse and drug addiction diseases are inherited and there isn’t anything that can change that condition. These people truly believe what they are saying, but there is much more research that documents that addiction IS NOT inherited nor is it a disease and that’s not mentioned by these “disease-model” treatment centers.  In fact, if you go to one of these programs, you will repeatedly hear that addiction is a severe disease and it is so bad that only about one in ten will make it.

Regardless of the evidence used, this disease model argument is weak and can’t be proven. However, if you look past the addict and look at the economics of making alcohol and drug addiction an incurable disease, you will see what forwards this argument. It’s not about the facts, but profits and greed.

When you call many of the other alcohol and drug rehab helplines on the web, you will be talking to a young person whose only experience with drug treatment is his own attendance in a alcohol or drug rehab. Being an ex-addict is commendable and valuable in helping to”bond” with another addict and get them into treatment and, certainly talking with a survivor helps you visualize where you hope that you or your loved one will be soon, but their clinical understanding is shallow, they lack the assessment education and skills to choose the best and most appropriate alcohol and drug rehab centers!  They lack the analytical comparisons that are needed to determine which drug rehab program is right for you or your loved one.


There is a way out, since other drug addicts are proving that addiction does end. Don’t let anyone convince you that there is no hope and that alcohol and drug treatment or drug rehab centers don’t work….even though many treatment modalities are doomed for failure there are those that are ABSOLUTELY successful!

In your search, it should be understood that the sole purpose of for-profit treatment centers exist to make and increase profits. They see the world in terms of a scarcity of resources, in their case, that would be patients.  Therefore, the idea that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease without a cure keeps them from being responsible for their failures. These for-profit treatment centers do a grave disservice to our field by turning out graduates that not only continue their self-destructive addictive behaviors, but usually get worse because they now feel that there is no hope!  This leaves the addict being more reckless in his use and is a major reason why so many relapses after treatment lead to over-doses.

This is why everyone should question the idea that you or your loved one will always be suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, or perhaps some other addiction. Follow the money and look at who makes the most from these determinations of diseases and you can begin to question the validity of their statements.

Effective drug rehabs work with over 50% success and many are closer to 70%.                                                                                                                                                                                                        These programs have no reasons to talk about how bad this “disease” can be.  They are busy changing behaviors and lives so that people who have suffered with an impaired existence of being loaded on alcohol or other drugs can confront their past and take responsibility for their behaviors and then learn new ways to operate in the world that make them successful and takes away the urges to relapse back into alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction.

You should only need ONE drug rehab center treatment and not multiple drug treatments!  For some this may sound grandiose, but a motivated patient who wants to change his life can be discouraged by most treatment centers.  An ethical and reliable alcohol and drug treatment center will continually inspire the patient  and give him the tools needed to succeed.   We know many that do this well.

 During the extensive research to discover what constitutes an effective drug rehab, we found that many drug rehab centers have good intentions, and truly care about saving lives, but they don’t have standardize treatment protocols that have been proven to be effective.  It’s not that they don’t care, most of them are uncured drug cases, themselves, and are suffering to stay clean and, have thus, dedicate their lives to helping others.  You will find many that fit in this category and they believe in their programs philosophy with religious fervor.  Their salvation depends on it, and it makes them unable to listen to any other ideas about treatment.

The alcohol and drug rehab field is still trying to find it’s identity and many are implementing gimmicks to grab the attention of prospective clients. If you go to a medical/surgical hospital from New York City to Los Angeles, you will find professionals with very similar training backgrounds and practices that could be understood by any Western trained doctors and nurses at any hospital or healthcare facility. This is not the case with programs treating alcohol and drug abuse or drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

One would think that if you found two drug rehab centers that were treating the same addiction, there would be many commonalities between the two centers. This will be the case sometime in the future, but for now, there are diverse opinions and conflicting data.

The alcohol and drug rehab and treatment field is in its infancy and there are few centers that are confident enough in their rehab practices to duplicate what they are doing in multiple locations that can verify positive outcomes.

It is definitely confusing, but we hope that you will base your decisions on facts from reputable professionals who are not bought off by for-profit, profits.   Drug Rehab Center Network wants you to get this data since either you or a loved one’s life is hangs in the balance.

If circumstances keep you from being able to go to an alcohol and drug rehab center,  Check Out the Two New Programs you can do without going to an alcohol and drug rehab center (click on these links): Detox at Home and Brief Intensive Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction.  If you are fortunate enough to go to a quality rehab program, consult with us to see what choices you have within your price range or if you have medical insurance converge, we will be able to direct you to quality programs that accept your policy.

This is LIFE and DEATH that we are confronting and that is why we only staffed with the highest level of experienced, licensed, and certified professional addiction counselors. Depend on our experience and don’t remake the wheel in trying to find what drug rehab centers are effective since you may not have the time to make any mistakes. So, in the words of Shawshank Redemption:  “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”!

Addiction Trends that are seen in effective drug rehabs that work 

We have our own small sampling that we can do based on the calls from the public in the United States. From that data we are seeing a rise in the number of opiate addicted public that are seeking treatment. These calls typically come from someone that is addicted to prescription pain pills, such as Oxycontin or Lortabs. About half of our calls come from this population and, luckily, we have good answers for them in terms of effective drug rehab centers that we can refer them to and follow their success.

What is different and is being seen on a regular basis in the past six months are calls from young individual, usually between 16 and 30, who are asking for help because of taking “Bath Salts”. A designer drug that is a hallucinogen, but should be categorized as a psychotic-making chemical. Many people are feeling the paranoia and other disturbing psychopathology, but think that is is coming from taking methamphetamine. We suspect that these people are really snorting Bath Salts, but have purchased meth. We have found some individuals that have been seasoned meth users calling with paranoia and other fearful manifestations which they have never had before on meth.

If you are a loved on is in need of rehab because of bath salts, please call us and we will help you find relief or a rehab center that gets these poisons out of your body.. Call us at 888-781-7060. We will help you find drug and alcohol treatment that works and you will remember this coming decade as the beginning of your new life!

When someone reaches the point that they want to end their addiction, they should be given the best opportunity available to resurrect their lives.  It can be argued that any treatment is better than none, but please take the time to understand effective drug rehabs work by demonstrating that they have the ability to end addiction and restore people to creative and productive lives.

There are many drug rehab centers available to those in need, but over 90% of those drug rehab centers do not offer the clinical technology to totally end addiction. Many people that need alcohol rehabilitation will try a recovery program to only find out that it has identified their problem, but hasn’t given them any solutions.

Many loved ones believe that the person that they are trying to help needs dual diagnosis treatment because they have so many moments of mental turmoil. They need to use extreme caution since most dual diagnosis drug rehab centers will accept someone into their program that is only acting out their toxic nature of addiction and does NOT need mental health treatment. There are plenty of licensed therapist that will agree with their wrong decision, and the patient hangs in the balance since he is in no condition to express his needs with clarity; he only wants to feel better and since these centers give medication , they appeal to the addict. This is as slippery of a slope as you could ever chose. All addicts are afraid to quit their drugs and these program appear to be the answer without giving up taking drugs.

The outcome of this scenario would be a person taken off of street drugs and put on psychiatric drugs and submitted to needless and inappropriate therapies to only get back on the street drugs again. 

The use and demand for drugs in America has been a major drain on our economy and we could supplement the economy by helping addicts find effective treatment. Putting addicted persons in jail just drains more of our scarce resources and raises our taxes.

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The, through the Effective Drug Rehabs Work Network, is here to help educate individuals and families on how to locate a successful rehab program. Our service provides you with the professional consultation from counselors that have over 30 years of experience in the rehab field and have reviewed over 150 programs, on site. Call 1-888-781-7060 and get the information that you need to find a program with documented success.

(NOTE: If you are looking for quality Alcohol and Drug Assessments and Evaluations for DUI’s and other court-related concerns as well as providing assessments and referrals to the Most Effective Rehab Centers in the Nation…… 888-781-7060.  Your calls will be answered by a Senior Licensed Supervisor of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, who has reviewed alcohol and drug rehabs throughout the U.S. and Europe for over 35 years.)

Young people and more and more of our society are impressionable and listen to what they are told to believe on television and other pop media.  A good example of lies that will get you in trouble can be see in the latest arguments about legalization of marijuana  Go to our page on MARIJUANA and see how wrong Bill Maher and others can be!  NOTE: The data about Celebrities’ Addictions and the Outcomes has been moved to this page.  CLICK HERE

DISCLAIMER: None of the information contained in this website should be considered medical advice. Alcohol and other drug detoxification should be done under medical and/or professional supervision. At the first sign of alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms or discomfort, immediately seek medical advice. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol or other drugs without proper medical supervision. If you feel that you have a medical emergency, call 911 and seek local advice. We are very qualified to give you advice on which drug rehab centers can give you the best chance of success and explain the alcohol and drug treatment procedure, but we do not make diagnosis over the internet.

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