Learn About Us to Establish the Credibility of Our Information

Learning about us is an important process in establishing the credibility of the information in the website.

The Drug Rehab Center Network is a division of the PITA Group (Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Aftercare), a non-profit that has been enhancing the alcohol and drug rehab and prevention field through consulting, referrals, accreditation and training.

The members of the PITA Group, Inc. are experienced drug rehab counselors who are licensed and/or certified and have been working in the field of drug rehabilitation for more than 40 years.

Even though the information provided on this website, via e-mail or by phone is from a licensed or certified counselor, it in no way is meant to be taken as medical advice, treatment, or counseling, but is to be a helpful information given by volunteers for you or your loved one to achieve a successful recovery. A conversation with our counselors will give you the comfort that you are speaking to someone that thoroughly understands addiction and understands alcohol and drug treatment in America and Europe through years of experience in the alcohol and drug rehab field.

While the services provided through this website is no charge to you, you may inquire about other services that the PITA Group, Inc. has to offer for individuals, families, groups and treatment centers. The author is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with over 35 years of professional experience in this field. He has been the Director of a State’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, overseeing two residential treatment programs and many contracted providers. He has also been the director of a 70 bed residential treatment facility. He has a private practice in alcohol and drug addiction counseling. He can be reached at the 888-781-7060 number provided on this site.

The mission of rehab-drug.net is to provide factual information about alcohol and drug rehab treatment gleaned from over 35 years of experience in reviewing, on site, more than 150 residential rehab centers and being a professional that accredits alcohol and drug rehab centers. This site it intened to reach those persons that are interested in alcohol and drug rehab, whether it be someone that is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, their friends or loved ones and others that want to learn about the effectiveness of treatment.

The information on this site is attributable to the PITA Group, Inc and its Board of Directors and does not replace any advice or information from a health professional outside of this site.

The claims made in this site are many from PITA Group’s Director’s experience as a professional in this field for over 35 years where he reviewed over 150 rehab programs for accreditation. He has also provided consulting to over 30 rehab centers world wide as well as preforming outcome studies to establish the outcomes of alcohol and drug rehab centers.

Any and all information that we receive by phone or by the email forms on this site is protected by CFR 42 part 2 for confidentiality. All professionals working with your information or licensed or certified professionals and abide to this same law.

The PITA Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization and is responsible for the financial support of this site. This site generates some referrals to treatment where interventions and other fee-for-services are connected via this site. This site also sells advertising to Google and others as can be arranged. All of these fees are to support the expense of this site, the telephone services and any compensation that is a fair exchange for the services rendered.

Here are some of the success from our referrals:

Drug Rehab Center Network Testimonials

“I called you last winter about my son and I am so thankful that I made that call. You spent literally hours helping me understand his addiction and how to react to his outburst, and you referred me to a drug rehab center that save his life. When my son wouldn’t go to another drug treatment center, you provided intervention services that got him into the dual diagnosis rehab program where he stayed for six months. My son is now in doing missionary work in Africa.”  – Martha B. Dallas

“The rehab-drug.net people helped us understand that my daughter could be normal and that she didn’t need psychiatric medications for the rest of her life. From addiction education, we were able to get my daughter into a rehab program that changed her life, not just her drug use. My daughter has become an ethical and contributing citizen that now leads and not follows. I am confident that she will never be disabled by addiction again. I cannot thank you enough.”  – Rachel R. Houston

“My family had decided that I needed to attend a residential drug treatment center, but when I visited one close to my home in Detroit, I was unimpressed and angered by the lies that had been told me by the intake counselor. I called rehab-drug.net and talked with their counselors and signed up for their Brief Intensive Therapy and after one week of their therapy, I am strong and able to be successful again and I would like to help others… – T.J. Detroit, MI

“I called because I wondered why you had information on Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities. It seemed out of place on a site that is trying to help addicts”… – No Name


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