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  • Our certifications are accepted by the Federal Aviation Agency FAA .

  • Divorce disputes 

  • Employer Mandated Addiction Assessments 

  • We do Illinois’ Out-of-State Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Uniform Reports

  • Many people ask “How do I pass an alcohol or drug evaluation when I live in different state?”  Our interview will ease your mind. 

We have the highest degrees and experience of anyone doing alcohol and drug evaluations and assessments.   The years of experience in this field has taught us how to best serve your needs and get your assessments or evaluations passed, so you can forget about it.

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WELCOME TO REHAB-DRUG’s ALCOHOL AND DRUG EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT PAGE… A Licensed Professional Will Perform an alcohol and drug assessment using the ASI, SASSI and other Evaluative Instruments NOW! …This can all be done using our encrypted portal or FaceTime with a detailed evaluation report sent to you the same day, if needed.

We have the highest credentials of anyone doing evaluations of this type. One of our Evaluator has been a State Director of Substance abuse and a university faculty member , as well as being a licensed and certified counselor and supervisor.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Specialist

We have many requests to provide alcohol and drug assessments and evaluation for HR Departments, Lawyers, Courts, Child Custody Cases and Insurance Companies, Treatment Centers and most often for DUI/DWI and DWI offenses. Our professional evaluation system has the highest professional evaluators, with credentials putting them within the top 5% of the nation’s alcohol and drug evaluators. Our Licensed Evaluator has over 30 years experience and has never had one evaluation report questioned or challenged.

Call us and we will explain how you can do this evaluation or assessment using Skype or other arrangements. Courts are using Skype for many of their witnesses and testimonies, so you don’t have to leave your home to have a qualified assessment.

Our staff have higher credentials and we charge lower prices than other evaluators.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or cited for recless driving, open alcohol container, public intoxication, DUI/DWI or DWAI or any other charges that need a professional’s written evaluation or assessment, then call us and we will discuss this further. We are only trying to communicate the TRUTH about your relationship to alcohol and other drugs. We are not trying to get you to sign up for our alcohol classes, but there are evaluators that are taking advantage of your problems, rather than trying to help you. More than likely, you don’t have an addiction problem, but some evaluators are determined to show that you are in denial and need treatment.

If you don’t have dependency problems, we can emphasize your strengths and abilities so that the case can be made that this incident was a one-time lapse in judgment and you may not have to take classes that you don’t need.  We do recommend that everyone understands the seriousness of a DWI/DUI so we make sure that you have the data needed to never make a mistake of this nature again.

Our Alcohol and Drug Assessments Evaluations include:

  • Family History
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Medical History (as it would related to substance abuse)
  • Alcohol and other Drug Abuse History
  • Administration and scoring of the SASSI and MAST or ASI (if needed)
  • Written Report
  • Total Time= approx. 2 hours

Letter of Reference from a Satisfied alcohol and drug assessments evaluations Client: (letters have been edited, but the content is accurate)

Thank you beyond words.  Your evaluation is extremely thorough and impressive, I couldn’t ask for anything more.



On Saturday, July 07, 2012, I went to the internet to see if I could find someone who that did alcohol and drug assessments evaluations.  My probation officer instructed me to have an alcohol and drug assessment done by The …… (a local treatment center). I finished the evaluation and they told me they had to send the results to my PO.  I asked to have a copy but they insisted that they send the results directly to my Probation Officer and when I had my next meeting, I found out that they determined that I needed an Intensive Outpatient Program.  He said it was based on my scores of the assessment instrument that they were using.

I haven’t used any drugs for over an year and I haven’t tested dirty for any of the UA’s I had taken with my PO.  I have had a full time job and I have a two year old daughter and my wife and I were planning on taking the $3,000 we had saved to take a honeymoon.    Needless to say, I was shocked and upset.  The Probation Officer said that there was nothing that he could do because the court order said that I had to have an alcohol and drug assessment evaluation after I was put on probation and he had to follow the recommendation.   He did say that I could get another evaluation by a certified or licensed assessor and see if I got different results.

B. then went to the internet and found our site.  We administered the alcohol and drug assessment evaluation and it was determined that he didn’t need any treatment.  This wasn’t the only time that we have run into this problem.  The clients are sent to a local assessment agency that is also in the business of providing alcohol and drug treatment and their assessment are showing that they need treatment… you can see what is going on here.

We is sent B’s results by overnight mail so that he could give them to his Probation Officer on July 12.  We made it clear that he didn’t need to do an Intensive Outpatient Program  which would cost $3,000.

We stated that the other assessor was confused, to keep from making anybody wrong or angry.  We emphasized that we have the highest credentials of anyone they could find doing alcohol and drug assessments evaluations and that we would defend his right to appeal the pervious decision.

B. never got to take his honeymoon since the Probation Officer said he had to go with the original alcohol and drug assessment.

Be careful and call us for consultation before you get in a similar situation.

Dear Mac,

I was told by the courts to have an alcohol and drug assessment evaluation and they recommended a treatment center in Waco.   I was very relaxed about this part of my probation since I hadn’t had any alcohol since 2009 and I haven’t every used drugs, including marijuana.

I took the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, SASSI,  and was told that I scored at a level that required that I do an Intensive Outpatient treatment program.  I was charged me $150 and I felt it was BS.

I found your number on the internet and you said that the SASSI has to be done carefully to ensure that it isn’t looking at behaviors from the past that are no longer relevant. You redid the alcohol and drug assessments evaluations and found that I needed to take some alcohol awareness classes but nothing else.

“you saved my a..”




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