The Dangers of Bath Salts

The Danger of “Bath Salts”, The Hidden Truth

Bath salts

Don’t let easy access cause you to lose your happiness for years.

Bath Salts are Killing Our Youth and/or Driving Them Crazy!

Hopefully this has gotten your attention, because if you read the research on these bath salts and look at the consequences of those who have ignorantly taken this new designer drug, you will see that they everyone regrets that they believed the lies on the internet and from their “friends” saying that Bath Salts are a quick, inexpensive and legal form of meth or speed. DONT’ BELIEVE IT!

In the beginning, Bath Salts were made with MPDV, but once it was made illegal, there have been many other chemicals that have been substituted.  The new generation of Bath Salts are sold as “Glass Cleaner” and was called “White Surge”. This mixture has now been changed to a new formula call “Watch Polish” or “Rolex” and is sold as “lex”.  These all have different effects, but are equally dangerous.

Our help Line has received more calls in the early summer of 2011 from parents whose youth have taken these “Bath Salts” and are now confronting the terrible effects from this drug.

No one is telling us that they are addicted to Bath Salts or that it is something that they like doing. All the calls are about how paranoid they are feeling, how they are having panic attacks and thoughts of suicide. Not the euphoria that they were expecting to get from this poison that is being legally sold at convience stores across the nation.

We have advice on vitamins and minerals that can help with these mentally tormenting feelings and we have rehab programs that have been successful in restoring Bath Salt user sanity.

It is heartbreaking to hear these stories and from our 30+ years of experience in this field, we have never heard such universally horrible effects from any drug.

We hope that this web page will get in front of anyone that is contemplating taking Bath Salts so that they can get the truth about this poison before it is too late. We have our knowledge and we will also be glad to put you in contact with other parents that are seeing these effects first hand.

These bath salts contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is referred to as MDPV, which has a documented history of causing paranoia, rapid heart beats, hallucinations and sucidal thoughts. You would think that this data should be enough warning to get potential Bath Salts users to think twice about whether the internet propoganda that says that you will feel like you took the best cocaine is actully the truth or if these evil drug pushers are enjoying destroying others minds.

You will find Bath Salts being marketed as plant food or simply as bath salts. If you read further on the sites that are selling this as a drug, you will find them discrediting anyone that reports the truth about this poison.

The South has been reporting more ICU admissions than other parts of the U.S., but there are reports from New York to California with stories that will break you heart when you realize that an innocent consumer is being victimized by the sale of these drugs.

Louisiana has banned the sale of the psychoactive chemicals that are in bath salts. This action has caused a steep reduction of inquires to their Poison Control Center from people suffering from the effects of this drug.

48 states have reported at least one call to their Poison Control Center in connection with Bath Salts.

Bath Salts are selling in packets for about $20 under the names of “White Lightning”. “Ivory Wave”, and “Hurricane Charlie”. There may be other names being used, so don’t buy anything that reports effects that resemble these drugs.

Every week we get at least one new case of a young person, usually male, who has been driven psychotic from using Bath Salts.  It isn’t necessarily the chronic user, but some who have only tried it once or twice.


We just had a case (July 24, 2013) in New York with a young man (22) who was always a gentleman, loved in sister children, but after Bath Salts, she had to call the police to have him arrest because he was, in her words, “threatening to hurt my children physically, and was acting as evil as anyone could be in the movies”.  She didn’t have the words that were strong enough to depict how bizarre he had become.

After he was arrested, they took him to the psych center at one of the local hospitals, but because he doesn’t have health insurance, they released him after one day, even though the nurses were saying that he is an extreme threat to himself and others.

If you know that your loved one is doing drugs, by all means, be sure that he is covered by good health insurance.  (In this field, Cigna is usually the best and most cooperative.)

After the patient was released from the first hospital he was, again, on the streets talking bizarre and scaring everyone around him.  His mother put him in another hospital, but they are releasing him after 24 hours, even though he hasn’t gotten any better. The family that we are working with aren’t drinking and drugging parents, but a typical middle-class family who never expected to see their son in this condition.

There are no words strong enough to express the tremendous danger of Bath Salts!  This story the we are sharing isn’t an unusual case, we are seeing many as severe and as painfully psychotic from the effects of this drug.  Our only wish is that we could get this message out to everyone.

The ingredients in Bath Salts have been made illegal through legislation that the President got through and they are now listed as Schedule I narcotics, the same as LSD, PCP and other dangerous drugs, but that isn’t stopping its broad sale to naive users that are facing a life of hell if they don’t get this handled.

There are centers that we refer to that can help them, but they have to be capable enough to be with others and maintain enough sanity to be in treatment.  Otherwise, they will be committed to mental health wards and you know that those outcomes are good.

If you have fears that you are someone you know or love is using Bath Salts, please contact us so that we can help you with this growing problem.

Alert: We have been getting very disturbing calls from people that are really suffering after taking Bath Salts. Calls us and we will help you end the insanity that you feel after taking these poisons. If you haven’t ever taken Bath Salts,  Don’t ever take Bath Salts, believing that it is a harmless drug.  Read the story below about three young people who wish they hadn’t ever started taking this drug.  Get more data on Bath Salts from the US Government at this site.

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Update:  Its been about a year since we placed this warning on our front page.  In that time we have had three persons that were addicted to Bath Salts admitted into an effective treatment centers, that uses the biophysical modality of treatment, which is highly recommended for this type of addiction. One of the three spent three months in treatment and relapsed back on Bath Salts within ten days of treatment.

His justification was the fact that it isn’t a dangerous drug and isn’t addicting.  He is now back in treatment and hopefully he will take it seriously this time.  The facts about this drug, like many designer drugs, doesn’t contain all of the data about its complications and dangers, but believe us when we tell you, you don’t want to get started on a drug that is making many psychotic.  The neurotoxic nature of Bath Salts should be enough to “scare-you-straight”.  The other two young men did well and treatment and are continuing to live a drug-free lives.

Should I Be Concerned About “Bath Salt” as a Drug?

Laterly there have been news articles about young adults and some children having suicide attempts and overdoses from bath salts. However, this is only on the names that is being given to these hallucinogens that are being marketed on the internet and mail-order advertising. There are two drug that are being sold as “bath salts”: mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). On the internet they may be called” “plant food” or “bath salts.” Both of these drugs are synthetic stimulants that cause hallucinogenic effects. They are being sold in retail stores with names such as Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, Ocean, Charge Plus, White Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove and White Dove. Reference.

One of our licensed counselors recovered a young man from the Houston area who had relapse on Bath Salts.  When asked if he believes the propaganda that it is about the same as marijuana in its effects.  He emphatically said that it is the strongest drug he has ever taken. (in this case that is a large sampling)  He said that it is like taking strong marijuana laced with meth and heroin.  He said that it is very hard to even function on Bath Salts and that any parent should be able to identify that their kids are on drugs, maybe not specifically Bath Salts, but certainly they could tell that they are loaded.

Happily, this young man is now back in an effective treatment program that rountinely rehabilitates ex-Bath Salt users and stops their paranoia and recovers their IQ’s so that they can have the mental wherewithal to resist using it again.  Read more on our specific page on Bath Salts HERE.



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