Detox at Home

Detox at home is an alternative to inpatient detox

My dad is going to detox at home.

Take the Opportunity to Detox at Home

After fifteen years of providing helpline counseling and treatment referrals, and the PITA Group, a social betterment organization with a mission to provide support for alcohol and drug Prevention,Intervention, Treatment and Aftercare, recognized that nearly half of those persons that are seeking alcohol and other drug treatment do not have the financial resources to place their loved one in a treatment facility or they do not have the time away from family and work to attend residential treatment.

Drug Rehab Centers, which has been providing help and consulting in the alcohol and other drug field for over thirty years, recognizes that many of the existing treatment centers are NOT getting results as high has one can achieve by dedicated family members that have minimal training, yet a high willingness to help.  It is this willingness that allows you to do well when you detox at home.  The care factor can be what is needed.

Detoxing off of many drugs can be safely done in the home with the support of a friend or family member for a cost that is hundreds of times less expensive than residential detox and is always more comfortable and has better outcomes than that provided by many commercial detox centers.

Some families have enough communication and cooperation with the addicted person that they can provide the needed services to get their loved one off of alcohol or other drugs. It may seem unreal that you can provide the needed rehab services at home, but with the help and assistance of the, you will be able to do as much or more than most of the 30-day rehab centers provide, plus your loved one won’t be in the atmosphere of other addicts, leaning more bad behaviors and meeting others that will keep him addicted.

Many families have taken advantage of this service for detoxing someone at home, and, at a minimum, you can get your addicted loved one through that tough detox period as well as any social model detox. If the addict requires medical detox, then they will need to be referred out of the home for medically assisted service. The counselors at can help you determine if the addict need medical detox or if you can perform the detox at home.

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How to know if your family member needs help:

Over the years we get many calls from parents and spouses that want to know if a family member is on drugs or if the behaviors are non-drug related. These calls usually indicate that the person is on drugs and the family is not knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms of addiction or their denial is keeping them from confronting the fact that drugs are the major part or all of the problem. Here is some data that is useful in making that determination.

There are changes in behavior that are troublesome to loved ones and many times we write these behaviors off to typical adolescent behavior, however, it is a matter of degree and if you child is exhibiting some of the following, you can be pretty sure that alcohol and/or drugs are in play.

Sleeping all the time, missing work, no responsibility, unreliable, lies about everything, moodier then usual, argumentative, saying horrible things, disappearing for days, or even weeks on end, keeps asking for money.

If you are asking yourself: “Why are all of their problem’s coming back to us?” There has to be an end to all of this, right? I mean…how could someone do and say all of those things, turn around and think nothing happened. The reason for this unreality with what they say is because when someone is using alcohol and other drugs the words and actions are reactive and not part of the human ability to think before we speak or act. That rational part of the mind is shut down when someone is under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

We, as family members, go through many thoughts of how to change conditions and make our loved ones happier but it only gets worse. Addicted families sometimes move to other locations and change jobs in response to addict’s negative peer influences and their unhappiness with their present living situation. When we confront them with their alcohol and drug use they tell us that they have it under control and, in some cases, they will see a counselor, but over time things only get worse.

Periodically you give them what they want, and that seems to work, at least there is a temporary end of the arguments and disagreements. Your hope for change gives you thoughts like: “They told me they haven’t used in weeks, let’s give them another chance and see what happens. I need to get at least one good nights sleep; I worry so much.”

If your loved one’s drug and or alcohol problem has gotten you to this point, please do something about it.

Waiting for the problem to resolve itself is not realistic when it comes to addiction problems. As time passes, the mood swings will get worse, the behavioral changes will spring up more frequently and the responsibility and honesty will diminish altogether.
I know what you are thinking; “if they don’t want help there is nothing I can do, they have to hit rock bottom…right?”

Yes and no; an individual has to hit bottom before they will come begging on their hands and knees asking for help, but in the addictive process, they will hit many bottoms that cave them in and you need to take advantage of those times to get them to do something about their problem. These are the times that they are in their ruin.

A ruin is defined as: a complete collapse or destruction, the remains of something destroyed. When you see things like, loss of job, home, apartment, no steady income, loss of relationships, complete isolation, troubles with the law, going to jail, health problem’s, drug overdose, being homeless…etc. All of these incidents can be a ruin for somebody addicted to drugs and or alcohol, of course some more significant than others. Emotionally, when a person is in a ruin and at their lowest point they are more open to the suggestions of getting help. Take advantage of this when you see it.

Get in contact with us and we will guide you to getting the help they need. If you can’t afford residential treatment, we will help you do actions at home that will turn this cycle around and your will see positive changes immediately! Depending on your resources, there are actions that you can take to confront this problem with therapies that will make positive changes in their addictive process.

Detox at Home

If you have a loved on that is wanting to “kick” his habit and wants detox, but can’t afford the time and/or the money to go to a detox center, then you can assist them by doing the detox at home. Most detox procedures are safely done without medical assistance. To see if your addiction falls within the guidelines of safety for home-detox, call our counselors at 888-781-7060 to have a professional assessment that will ensure whether your detox can be done at home or will require medical assistance.

It is important to call us so that we can help you determine with you can detox at home without having any undue problems.  Detoxing patients are not quiet and well behaved, so you should let us help you determine if there are signs, in the beginning, that would preclude a successful detox at home for your loved one.

You can go to our Colorado site and read more about the specifics of detoxing at home:  Click HERE

Once it has been determined that you can safely detox at home, our counselors will provide you with access to materials, supplements and training that will make detox possible and successful.

There will be some expenses in delivering detox and rehab at home, but it is a manageable amount and usually under $500, which will include the outpatient counseling, vitamins and minerals and instruction and educational books.
You do not have to witness a person slowly withering away emotionally and physically due to their addiction, something can be done about it and we can show you how.

If you need a support that will stabilize your moods or raise them when you are withdrawing, this center has proven to be invaluable to many of our clients in the past few years.  It is our recommendation as the best place to withdraw from psychiatric medications and other types of withdrawals that need medical detox.  Click HERE

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