Dilaudid Drug Rehab

Effective drug rehab for Dilaudid Addiction

What you need to know about finding Dilaudid Drug Rehab. Determine the level of opiate addiction.  Dilaudid is a drug of choice for many heroin addicts because of the nature of its euphoric high, which is very similar to heroin, but has consistency in the dosage.  How long as the person been addicted and has the persons attended previous dilaudid addiction treatment programs and how many have been tried, the nature of each and the reasons why the addict feels they failed.  Determined how much of this responsibility lies with an ineffective rehab and how much is the addict’s responsibility.   It good to know something about the psychological history of the person to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  Determine what other drugs or medications the person taken and it is always smart to call our licensed counselors and allow them to help you determine what Drug Addiction Treatment method is appropriate for you or for the person you are trying to help.

Dilaudid addiction can happen to anyone. Its addiction potential is similar to that of morphine.The individual will begin with a legitimate ailment, go to their doctor and receive a prescription for Dilaudid. As time goes by they begin to depend on the Dilaudid, even when they no longer need it. Many times individuals are unable to get legitimate prescriptions for Dilaudid after their original prescription is gone. They then resort to what is called doctor shopping. The addict will see many doctors and pretend to be sick to obtain more Dilaudid.

Sometimes, individuals get addicted by someone turning them “on” to Dilaudid and they end up liking it. It is common to find that the elderly are over medicated or may have actual need for dilaudid but are unaware that their medication is being pilfered by relatives or home-health-care workers.  Prescription pill sales on the street is a multi-million dollar business and in most areas, if you want to find a supply of dilaudid, it is just a matter of how much you are willing to pay.  Pills like Dilaudid are very expensive selling for $50 to $80 dollars a piece on the street. Addiction to any strong opiate, like Diluadid, is a certainty if a person takes them for more that three consecutive days and even if only take once a day, it isn’t long before the user will develop a physical addiction and cravings and when the drug is not available, the user will experience the classic abstinence syndrome.  The withdrawals from Dilaudid are not dissimilar from those of heroin and Oxicontin.

Abstinence syndrome or withdrawal symptoms are experienced differently by many people.  A person whose confront in low and has been overly protected from the pains of life will have a much harder and more painful experience with the withdrawals than someone that has confronted more difficulties in life.  Therefore, it is important to recognize that you cannot dismiss the complaints of anyone that is withdrawing as being an act to manipulate others into allowing them to have some relief from their pain by taking an opiate that is strong enough to relieve the suffering.

A person at this stage of withdrawals is very vulnerable to substitute methadone or buprenorphine for their usual dilaudid rather than continue feeling the symptoms of withdrawals.  Of course, this is also a time of high risk for a relapse back to dilaudid.

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