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There is nothing more devastating that losing a

Finding Effective Drug Rehab

Don’t fight the idea that you can reclaim your life with Effective Drug Rehab

loved one to addiction and most of those persons that die from an overdose have attended drug rehab at least once during their lives.

Long term addiction destroys a person’s dreams and erases all of the positive accomplishments one has worked hard to achieve.  Humans love sensations.  Most of our positive sensations come from feelings of love, reassurance, security, sex, accomplishments or the products of our hard work, solving problems and surviving at, or close, to our potential and expectations.

When people find that they can get similar sensations from taking alcohol or other drugs, it is easy to rely on drugs to replace our efforts to find other and more life-sustaining sensations; like the warm feeling of knowing that you deserve love and can give love to others.

When we, as humans, do something of meaning, like sharing love for another, finishing a difficult task, eating a nourishing mean, it resonates with our purposes in life and to reward us, we feel a positive sensation.  This can be analyzed chemically, and certainly has been, to find where in the switchboard of our brains, certain chemical are released and these substances make the body feel good.

When a person tries drugs that stimulate these same human feelings of reward, accomplishment and warmth without dealing with life’s usual circumstances that create these feelings, they are on their way to being hooked on drugs.

This is the mechanics of addiction.  It all seems very innocent and, in most cases, it is.  However, once a person starts substituting these chemicals to achieve the sensations that are usually reserved for those actions of accomplishment, love, care for others, etc. he loses touch with the necessity to be involved in life.  He become demoralized or less human, so to speak. Therefore, life without these drugs is more and more difficult and taking drugs becomes essential to being “normal”.

As one’s attention is no longer on pro-social activities, such as communication with others and the such, he isn’t dealing with life in present time.  His mind is thinking about getting and using drugs to get the feelings that every human longs to have.

As with everything in life, there is no easy way to find fulfillment and soon, drug use requires larger doses and the person is developing an addiction for these feelings and for the drugs.  Everyone addicted to drugs has a “drug-of-choice” DOC.  This is the substance that makes them feel the most euphoric with the least amount dysphoric side effects.  Opiates are the most common drug that fit this prescription. (interesting wording since most opiates are obtained by prescription from physicians.)

Once hooked on the drugs, either his loved ones or society, through the criminal justice system, will impinge on him to get off of the drugs and live drug-free.

This isn’t so easy.  The person, his chemical system in his brain, and his social environment have all depended on this drug.  It isn’t that he can just go to a bootcamp and be off of drugs for three to six months and he is back to normal.  He will be more “normal” but he will living without the skills that most develop to be able to develop these positive feelings through “normal” human reactions.

We find that most recovering drug addicts have the social and interpersonal skills at an age of development equal to when they started substituting drugs for the positive rewards of human interactions, etc. So if a person starts using drugs when they are fifteen-years of age, and they get clean at thirty, then you have someone who is physically an adult but seems like an adolescent in most of this behaviors.

Most parents we have talked to over the years that say that their addicted son just hasn’t grown up.  They will also reward this adolescent behaviors by enabling them or treating them as though they are fifteen years old.

Since a person at age thirty who acts like a teenager doesn’t usually do well in life, he will find himself longing for those drugs that took away the anxiety and pressures to be an adult and will relapse.

This is usually the time in his life when the parents or other loved ones start looking for an effective drug rehab and in there lies the rub.

It is easy to find a drug rehab program, it is difficult to find an effective drug rehab.

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Finding A Drug Rehab Program

Today, most people come to the internet to search for effective drug rehab programs.  Guess what.. they all say that they are effective, correction, they say they are the most effective drug rehabs.

An interesting observation; drug rehab marketing is second only to personal injury lawyers, and we all know how cut-throat that can be.  So, you can’t believe everything you read on the web.

Naturally, you are saying to yourself, if that is the case, why can I believe this site?  The only way that I can help you find the most effective drug rehab is to document my experience and to provide logical data that rings true as it is read and provide substantiation for my suggestions.

First of all, there are no effective drug rehab program that aren’t residential.  A person can learn from outpatient programs, but they don’t change behaviors.  They don’t provide enough isolation from the everyday issues that re-stimulate the person to revert back to drugs and addiction isn’t cured by learning that it is wrong or talking about your errors of the past.

There are also no effective drug rehab programs that are short-term, meaning thirty-days in length or something similar to one month.  Again, these program are barely getting to know the addict, his desires and motivations and the extent of damage that drugs have cause in his past that must be addressed to complete resolution.  If you leave “one stone unturned” in someone emotional history, if he doesn’t confront and reveal his behaviors that he is most ashamed, he will find it very difficult to confront any changes in behaviors that are required to be successful in life.

Long term drug rehab are the only types of program that have a chance to be effective.  Even these are, for the most part ineffective.

Different Types Of Drug Rehab Centers

To list the different types of drug rehabs:

  1. Drug Counseling
  2. Outpatient Counseling..usually a structured program of two to four-hours per week
  3. Intensive Outpatient Programs.. traditionally these are four days per week, about three hours/day
  4. Short Term Resident Drug Rehab:  These programs are traditionally 28 day programs
  5. Long Term Drug Rehab:  Even though some people are now calling 30-day residential program long term, they are not considered that unless that are 90-days or more.
  6. Inpatient Drug Rehab:  These program are usually medically-based and are hospital based.

The only drug rehab that is effective is long term drug rehab. Of these, the only ones that you can trust are those that have positive outcomes of at lease 50% or better.  However, you must be very discerning when you examine their use of an outcome study.  The easiest solution is to call us and we will help you understand which program have the best outcomes.

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