Why People Crave Drugs

Since around the first of this century, 2000, there has been an effort to have more and more synthetic marijuana or cannabis drugs sold in tobacco and head shops in an effort to stay under the radar with drug enforcement laws.  It is an endless struggle for law enforcement and society to curb the expansion of new drugs and chemical ways that people try to escape their natural feelings.

Fortunately, there are laws to protect us and our public from being exploited by black-market drugs that are designed to make us less responsible and more the effect of our environment, which means that we lose our ethics and moral positions in exchange for a sensation… this type of escapism has never been healthy for humans, whether it be with legal substances, like alcohol or with illicit substances like marijuana and heroin.

Man has lost most of his ethics presence by being addicted to sensations rather than using his spiritual abilities in more ethical ways and dealing with natural emotional responses.  Feelings are in us to guide our activities and natural sensations are pleasant as a reward for a pro-survival activity.  Marketing understands that sex is a sensation that most humans are seeking, but in actuality, when it isn’t coupled with meaningful relationships and/or love, it becomes much like a drug itself.  But I am digressing.

The main point in creating a page about synthetic drugs, in particular, which are different names for the same substance, is to inform the public that there isn’t a cheap or legal substitute for quality fun in life and that these substances have led many to psychotic episodes mostly because we are “wired” to benefit from sensations that enhance us has a race and as individuals.  We are not living to merely create sensations.  Those persons that have been addicted to methamphetamines are many times addicted to the “rush” that they get when they first take the drug.  That is true of most drugs and it is the underlying problem that causes addiction.  You could say that we are set up to seek more and more sensations when we are emotionally and morally empty and have no substance of meaning in our lives.  When we experience sensations for the sake of the feeling something other than what our thoughts and actions have created, we are lying to ourselves.  This is some of the basis on why Americans have more addiction problems than many other countries.  Americans are looking for a way to feel good sensations without earning them as a reward.

It has been said that no one is a miserable as the idle rich and the reason for that is because they aren’t earning the good sensations that come from production or producing something of value.  It can be as simple as learning a new truth are rediscovering one that has been forgotten, or the feeling of accomplishment when you have a well hit golf shot or  score a three-point shot in basketball.  This is the natural way that humans have been rewarded since time immemorial.  Only through our modern chemistry and psychiatric pharmaceutical research have we started to think that we can get a “natural’ high or better from doing nothing other than taking some chemical into our bodies.

This is usually sought to overshadow some other problem that has an unsavory sensation.. such as emotional pain or sadness.  Blind covering of sensations is not a solution and for those that think that they will find relief through synthetic feelings, they are playing with fire and may do themselves damage that will take years of painful repair to reclaim normalcy.

Many who read these words know that it is the truth and that living with a drink or two every night to relax or smoking a joint because we “deserve” a release from stress know that they are committing a “sin” against themselves and ultimately against anyone that sees them as a role model.  To live authentically in today society is a challenge that will bring us many personal and social rewards beyond our expectations.

Over the many years that I have observed addicts and their families, I have always been struck by the fact that the behaviors of most addicts are easily seen in the behaviors of their families.  The expression that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree is very true in the role modeling of addictive behaviors.  One reason that parents say that they were in denial about their child’s addiction is due to the fact that they know that it is going to make the entire family confront its way of living.  We, as humans, are basically all good and when we don’t live up to the expectations that are deep inside of each of us, then we feel stressed and reach for solutions, which is usually drugs.

If any of this has had the ring of truth in your lives, you are welcome to call our counselors and we will lead you to more serious literature that can set you on a path of happiness and feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction… wouldn’t that be the right way to feel “high”?