Faith based treatment Christian drug rehab

When looking for a center that is faith based treatment christian drug rehab, you will find that almost all these rehab centers are Christian-based programs and most of them will be

faith based treatment Christian drug rehab

fundamental in their Christian beliefs.

This a spiritual element, which in our society is usually found in faith based treatment Christian drug rehabs,  would be expected of any program that is attempting to help someone discover the external support that will take away an addiction that has completely overtaken a person’s life.

In our surveys of Christian-based rehab centers, we have found that the majority of the programs will openly admit that their goal is to help the addict find “salvatin” or to help them “find Jesus in their hearts”. These terms are meaningful for anyone coming from a fundimental Christain faith, but they are alien ideas and terms to most addicts and alcoholics. These are not the usual clinical goals or most rehab centers nor do they meet any of the diagnostic criteria of established therapeutic programs. However, the ultimate goal of all alcohol and drug rehab centers is to help the addict and alcoholic live a productive life free from his addiction. The Christian-based program has as much certainty that their modality of care is as valid as any of the 12-step practices and results.

Most alcohol and drug rehab centers will admit that a major component of their recovery program is based on strong spiritual principals. All 12-step programs put an emphasis on one’s “higher Power”, meaning one’s personal interpretation of a personal God. Prayer, meditation and other spiritual endeavors are almost the total clinical regime of most 12-step rehab programs. the main difference between a 12-stip program’s spiritual efforts and those of a Faith-based program would the the latter’s empasis on the definning moment when one was accepted by Christ and the knowingness of that moment when one was forgiven of any of their past that causes them shame and begins to feel that he has had an epiphany that he knows will be the beginning of a continued relationship with his Lord that will sustain him through the struggles of recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

The only alcohol and drug rehab programs that ignore the value of a spiritual component are those “medical” programs that are using other drugs to change the addiction, rather than recognizing that a person can function better without any chemical manipulations.

In evaluating the successes of faith based treatment Christian drug rehab programs, one finds that the outcomees run at approximately the same success level as those of most 12-step programs, between 3-10% success. However, if the addicted person has had a long and successful life within a loving church commmunity and his foundations are from this orientation, than he would naturally have a better success than someone who hasn’t had this type of family beliefs.

It is often said that “All Successful Programs Must Have a Spiritual Component” and this statement is more ture of alchol and drug rehab programs than it is of any other form of medical or rehabilitation treatment. Most addicts and alcoholics will admit that they have always had a longing for some type of a spiritual fulfillment and that could be unique to our population, but only in terms of its importance to one’s life since it is also typical of all human beings to seek a spriritual component in their lives and most people don’t need to abuse alcohol and other drugs to reach that desire.

If you are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, it is very difficult to feel a spiritual connection since your feelings are being numbed by these drugs. It has been found that those persons that handle their addictions and stay off of mind-altering substances find spiritual strength as they progress in their sobriety. It has been stated that to expect a faith-based program to handle your addiction is naive, but if you are looking for this type of rehab center, you should call our counselors to find the most effective Christain-based rehab. Many rehab centers call themselves “treatment centers” but in reality, they don’t provide any real treatment, but instead are teaching you a religious philosophy. Curing addiction requires documented and repeatable treatment as well as an understanding of religious principals for your life. Call us and we will help you understand what it takes to have a completely qualified faith based treatment Christian drug rehab center.

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