The Best Evaluation

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March, 2013

I have a three-year old daughter and I am a student and working a full time job.  I made a mistake, which I thought wouldn’t be too hard to rectify, but I was wrong.  I got a citation for a DWAI, for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04, which is less than a DUI’s 0.08, which is why I didn’t think that I would have too much trouble getting this behind me.  Because I had my daughter with me in the car, I was also sited for child-endangerment.  I have always put my daughter first and I didn’t feel that I couldn’t drive well, or I would have never driven.

When I was told that I had to have a alcohol and drug assessment or evaluation, I went to one of the programs that was on the list that the courts gave me.  That should have been the right action, but it turned out to be a intake counselor and not an evaluator.

I called Mac at 888-781-7060 and explained my problem. He told me that he was semi-retired and that his credential were higher than others doing evaluations.  He took time on the weekend to do my evaluation and it proved that I didn’t have an alcohol or drug addiction or abuse problem.  He discounted my fee because he understood how hard it is to make ends meet as a young mother and student.

The evaluation was what I needed.  It was thorough and comprehensive and I am now going on with my life without worrying about more complications.


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