Alaska Alcohol and Drug Rehab and Treatment

Alaska has always led the nation in many alcohol severity indexes and alcohol continues to be a very serious problem in the state.  As majestic as the outdoors can be in Alaska, the darkness during the winter and the lack of healthy role models is a major problem. A good friend of has been an minister in Fairbanks for over 30 years and he spends most of his ministry helping congregation members and community citizens find adequate resources to handle family violence and addiction problems.The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Alcohol is accepted as a drink to help weather the cold, where in actuality, it exposes the body to more susceptibility to the cold and accounts for many of the weather-related deaths in Alaska.

Over the years, Mac, the President of, surveyed alcohol and drug rehab programs in Alaska for accreditation and found that there are many that can help a person get through withdrawals, but he didn’t find any well-developed programs that have good outcomes.

Also, if you are in Alaska and thinking that you or a loved one needs treatment, it is recommended that you call us and get services outside of your state.  There are many advantages to getting treatment away from home and very few viable reasons not to.

Most people that leave their communities and their comfort-zones will commit to longer stays of treatment and are not tormented by their urges to “blow” the program and go back to what has become a comfortable lifestyle, even though it is life-threatening.

Binge drinking is defined as having five or more beers for men and four or more four women in one or more occasions in the past thirty days.  Alaska rakes very high in this category with 28% of men and 14% of women falling into this category of being binge drinkers. Tobacco use is also higher in Alaska than average.

There are approximately 4,000 people arrested for illicit drug use or drug-related crimes this year.  32,000 estimated marijuana users, 5,200 cocaine users and approximately 300 heroin users.  Mac, who has spent his entire professional life working in this field says that these stats are extremely low, and reflect the lack of resources available to collect good drug and alcohol statistics.  Anyone living in Alaska would agree.

Many isolated place in Alaska do not have alcohol and drug rehab services, including out-patient treatment.  If you are in need  quality rehab, where you can be assured that you won’t have to repeat the treatment process again and again, call Mac at 888-781-7060 and let him tell you about the choices that you have to choose from.

Here is a list of professionals in the bigger cities that can help you with counseling, however, keep in mind, that we have licensed alcohol and drug counselors working with and they will tell you that counseling is valuable to solve situational problems, but you can break an addiction with out-patient counseling.

Reeve Leigh  Anchorage (907) 561-3337;   Dona Maloney, PhD  Anchorage (907) 338-1129    Colleen Torrence, LPC  Juneau  (907) 209-9203; Gastineau Human Services Lemon Creek  (907) 780-4338;  Compass Counseling, Port Angeles, WA  (360) 425-2161  Sheila Leskinen  Anchorage (907) 344-5565; Pathways, Anchorage  (907) 562-1892; Catherine Sexton LCSW, Fairbanks (907) 451-4846;



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