Arkansas Alcohol and Drug Rehab and Treatment

Arkansas is one of the most beautiful and least promoted states in the nation.  There is nothing more beautiful then the fall leaves in the canyons of Western Arkansas.  Arkansas flag butterflies, lated on white backgroundHowever, it share border with Oklahoma and is also known for its large amount of methamphetamine labs that are hidden in the woods, with their products being sold on the interstate highways that cut across the state.  Little Rock is the capitol and is a hub for drug being run from Mexico up through Memphis and on up the Mississippi River valley to Ohio and even into Minnesota.

With meth and crystal meth, in particular, being one of the major drugs of abuse, it has been found by, that the Arkansas is very remiss in having enough treatment facilities and those that they have are proven to be less than effective.  Most people in Arkansas that are seeking effective treatment leave the state, however, they don’t have to go far since one of the premiere alcohol and drug treatment centers is only about 100 mils west of the Arkansas border.

The average income in Arkansas is less than the national average and there are many of its citizens that rely on welfare and, too many times, drug money to survive.  Couple that with the epidemic proportions of meth addiction and you can easily see that they have a compounded problem.

Most of the calls that we get from Arkansas are looking for a state-funded program because they don’t have health insurance or money to pay for a program.

Many of the centers that we refer to have credit plans for those with decent credit, but, again, many of those requesting help have already ruined their credit ratings.

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