Colorado Alcohol and Drug Rehab and Treatment

Drug Treatment and Rehab in Colorado

Colorado is thought by many to be a place of outdoor activities and youthful expressions of physical exercise that represents healthy lifestyles and for the most part and in many part of Colorado’s society, this is more true than in many other areas of the country.  Certainly, Boulder, Colorado is a hub for natural foods, alternative lifestyles, education, and healthy living.

But, this attraction to skiing in the winter and bicycling in the summers brings with it many who look for other types of thrill-seeking behaviors, which leads to drug taking.  Colorado is no longer trying to arrest marijuana users, but has made that drug legal, being on the second state, along with Washington, that has take this liberal stance on possession of marijuana.  However, if you look at the statistics surrounding the use of marijuana and when it was first legalized as medical-marijuana and could be purchased legally with a prescription, you will find that the numbers of people in Colorado that started using marijuana for the first time rose dramatically.  Now that it is legal, you will find that number will increase even more.

However, the drugs that are causing the most health and social problems are not marijuana, but heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine, crack and club-drugs, like Ecstasy.  Again, using Boulder as an example of both the good and the bad, you will find all of those superb education and outdoor activities available in Boulder and surrounding areas, including Denver, but there is also an epidemic of homeless youth and young adults that are living hand-to-mouth to support their addicted lifestyles.

There are about 31,000 aaddiction treatment  center admissions each year in Colorado.  Crystal Meth use in Boulder is higher, per capita,  than in most other communities excepting Denver.  Pearl Street in Boulder is home of many fine restaurants and shops, but it is also where many of these homeless youth congregate and exchange sex and money for drugs.  Petty crimes all the way to felonies are common in the up-scale area.

It would be remiss to not also talk about those that are counteracting the drug scene on Pearl Street.  One place that could be seen as being addicting for those who had chocolate problems, but is a example of the healthy and positive movements that are typical of Colorado and especially Boulder, is

In full disclosure, the author of this page has a daughter that is a chef at this fine establishment, and because of that connection, he knows what they are doing to better conditions in that area as well as having spent hours trying to help in drug prevention activities throughout Colorado and especially in the Bounder and I-70 corridor from Denver to Vail, Colorado.

Obviously, this isn’t a thorough description of the drug problem in Colorado, since there are many more thorough websites dedicated to just that problem and solution.  One of the best is where you can find information about the drug problems and their solutions as well as issues surrounding many of the cities in Colorado.

It is noteworthy for this piece to state that Colorado has many proactive communities, organizations and individuals that do work closely with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) of the health department (303) 866-7400, to find solutions for those who cannot finance their drug and alcohol treatment and do a stellar job in their prevention activities.

One of the thirteen biophysical alcohol and drug treatment centers is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and if you call our support-line, 888-781-7060, we will be very happy to explain the benefits of this modality of treatment as well as what other types of treatment are available in Colorado.

The author of this site lived many years in Colorado and was one of the leaders in helping establish many of the drug prevention activities that are still helping youth today.  He has stayed close to the prevention and rehab field in the state and is an excellent resource for finding effective treatment in Colorado.

Now legal to buy marijuana for recreational use in Colorado

As of January 1, 2014, it is now legal to buy marijuana at about 20 retailers in Colorado if you are over 21 years of age and are only wanting enough marijuana for personal use. The twenty stores that are selling during the first week had been in business to sell medical marijuana before and had transitioned to selling recreational pot.  They were accustomed to seeing about 60 to 70 customers per day.  Since the first of the year they have had over 400 customers each day.

There was also some concern as to how local police were going to react to this new law, but it appears as though they are being very professional and are not interfering with pot sales, but are providing educational programs that warn consumers about smoking marijuana in their cars and driving.

Boulder and Aurora have not opened up their communities to having these retails licenses as yet, but will be doing so during the first quarter of 2014 and that will increase the distribution of marijuana throughout the state.

Many are worried about how this will effect the use of marijuana by teenagers and there are efforts to protect this spread from happening.

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