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If you are looking at this page because you are contemplating reaching out for help then  you will be happy to know that you have licensed counselors waiting to give you the best help you can find on the internet.

First of all, it is only natural to be afraid of change.  We like to be able to predict our futures, and we work hard to bring prediction into our lives, but if you look at the life of someone that is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, you will see that there is very little predictability.

Sometimes the high from alcohol and drugs feels good, but many times it is anything but good.  Relationships around those that are addicted are always strained at best and usually pushed to the point of being severed and desperately trying to make up for all of the damage that addiction has done to the family and to the addict.

Some relationships will always be there, or at least longer than others, especially those that are the closest to you; your spouse or parents.  There are love commitments and legal bonds, but above that, no one wants to abandon someone who is in a condition of being unable to help themselves.  We have been working in the alcohol and drug rehab field for over 35 years and those who don’t reach for help or, when they do, usually “bail out” before they have done what is necessary to change the addiction, wind up with disappointments that lead to continued addiction that usually worsens.

If you are connected to someone that is addicted to any drug, including alcohol, and you see that their lives are being demolished from their continual abuse, and you don’t do everything in your power to get them help, then you need to examine your own confront on this issue and seek support to help you do what you can’t…namely, change the conditions in their addicted lives and give you the information you need to know that you are doing the correct actions.  Families in addiction are under tremendous stress and their emotions are continually going from stress and fear to moments of hope and relief.

Any change is better than ignoring the issue, but we can help you make the most positive changes and get the results that you are wanting.

Many people will say that “you can’t control others” and this is a line that comes from the 12-step community and the Big Book, however, it has been misused.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t make others see the reality of how they are destroying themselves and be relentless until they get help.   If you look at all of the great leaders in history, you will see that they exerted tremendous control over their followers and even those who follow them after their death. Control=change. If you can’t take control of the situation, it will continue to worsen.

You can certainly make a case that Hitler used control, as inappropriate and evil as it was, but he certainly controlled others.

What about Jesus?  Aren’t most of the writing in the Bible in the Gospels about what He is telling us we should do?  Of course He is and so are all of the other great and compassionate people of our past.  Today we are angered by the “do nothing congress” and well we should be.  They are keeping things the same by exerting their control over keeping things in the status quo.  Life is not static. Nothing ever stays the same. It is either getting better or worse, over time.  Are the conditions in your life getting better or are you putting off any control in “hopes” that things will get better.  Hope and prayer are valuable, but you also have to have actions that are forcing movement in the right direction.

To Quote Shawshank Redemption, the movie that came out in the mid 90s. “Get busy living or get busy dying”.  The statement holds true for anything that needs change and in this case it was life in prison, but the statement holds true for all of life and for all of us.

So you have an addicted person in your family or you care enough about a colleague, that they need to “get busy living, because they are already getting busy dying”  Use whatever control you need to change people’s static and complacent attitudes about their addiction.  It is immoral for you to stand by and watch someone continually spiral down the depths of addiction while you use the excuse that “there is nothing that I can do about it.” 

After many failures, it is easy to go into complacency about the addiction of someone you love.  That is why it is important to call us and get another perspective or viewpoint.  Learn what others have done that has been successful in similar conditions in their lives.

If you can remember a time when the addict that needs help was acting completely different and you wonder: “Have the drugs changed his personality or does he have a mental health disorder?”, you observations are correct, in that all people that have been on drugs to the point that they are addicted will have lost that positive attitude and are behaving in a destructive manner.  Partly because they are burdened with their guilt of how they have disappointed themselves and, even more so, their parents or other loved ones.

Having your body toxic on accumulated drugs from months or years of use will change your behaviors and make you less capable.  But it can be turned around. DON’T BUY INTO THE IDEA THAT THE ADDICTS NEED PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS!

There is no evidence of ANY positive outcomes with addicts from these medications, other than huge profits for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  People that are addicted and go to effective treatment graduate at a higher level of ability than they have ever had heretofore.  They handle those deficits that led them to escaping with drugs in the first place.

Don’t go into apathy and complacency.  We have seen thousands of addicts turn their lives around and be happy, ethical and contributing members of society in as few as six months.  Don’t GIVE UP!

If you have tried and failed to the point that you no longer feel that anything that you do makes a difference, then it is time to call us and let us help with successful ideas that have born the test of time and have proven to be successful.

The 12-step community uses this phrase as a definition for insanity:  “If you do the same thing over and over and expect different results”.   If whatever you have done to make an impact on the addict in your life and still have’t gotten the results you want, than don’t be insane, call us and we will give you other ideas and options that will make a difference and make positive change.

We are the consummate professionals in this field, with over 35 years of professional experience and state licensing and international certifications.  There are bound to be things in your life that you excel at, and this just may not be one of them, but we know our business and we are so dedicated to helping solve these types of problems that we won’t give up.

Call us and we will first work with you to use new strategies that will be successful.  If needed, we will also refer you to people in your area of the country that are the best interventionists available.  We have seen many interventionist that collect way too much money and don’t get a product, but the ones that we endorse are quite good and have a success rate above 80%, meaning that eight out of ten clients that they intervene on, will get residential rehab and change their lives.

Our organization is dedicated to changing lives and curing addiction.  Let us show you how we can help save a loved one’s life… or maybe it is your own?

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