Sean’s Success Story

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I had been told that I was drinking too much and after a fight with my wife and saying things that I regretted, I had my family drive me to an alcohol and drug rehab center about three hours from my home, with my wife and five children. Everyone in my extended family were supportive my decision. I had plenty of sick-leave from work to stay as long as it takes to handle my problem.

When I arrived at the center I felt that everything that I had been told wasn’t real and that I had been sold a treatment program in the same way you would expect to be sold a used car. I refussed to stay and with my family now worried and a bit angry, I needed something that would make sense to me and not just be sold on a facility.

I called help line and talk to Mac, who said that he was a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and that he had been in the field as a professional for over 30 years. As I told him my situation and the problems that I felt when I drove to the other treatment center. He assured me that my preceptions were real and that many rehab centers believe that they have use whatever tricks they can to break through the denial of the alcoholic or addict.

Mac did a telephone assessment of my alcohol use and recommended that I enroll in the Brief Intensive Therapy program. He felt that at the end of the three days I would either be able to continue gaining control of my problem or I would know, without doubts, that I needed to attend a longterm treatment program. He said that he was inclined to feel that I wasn’t at a level of need requiring residential treatment.

To make a long story short, I attended the BIT and even after the first few hours of training and therapy I was laughing wiht my kids for the first time in two weeks. M. and I spent three long days together and he left me with two workbooks to continue my study and introspection. This has been a wonderful experience and I can say that without the help that I received, I would have continued on a downword spiral that was going to leave me alone and divorced. I can’t guarantee that I will continue to be alcohol and drug free, but I can’t imagine ever getting to a place where I would feel that it is okay to sabotage my best interest and cave myself in. My insight and maturity is so much higher than I have ever had before.

Mac says that all he did was re-awaken the truth in me, but whatever the process was, I am thankful and wanted to share this with others.



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