Effective Treatment for Steroid Abuse and Addiction

Steroids are considered an illegal drug if someone does not have a prescription from a doctor.

Normally if someone buys steroids that are not prescribed he or she have to get them illegally. All of this is very common knowledge and we hear about steroid testing in connection to sports and sport events all the time.

What is probably less known is that there are several substances on the market that can be obtained legally and if taken may cause a positive steroid test.

The common cycle of these substances is that they are released on the market and are “legal” until the FDA finds out about them and bans them. Then there are usually already another or other supplements for sale that can be bought or taken.

Working out and body building is a sport that many youth are involved in and they will take a huge amount of supplements and substances to help build muscle faster. There are even warnings on some of these supplements stating that anyone who take them may test positive for steroids and that someone would be excluded from sporting events if they take these supplements.

It is not uncommon that drug addicts will get into heavy work-outs almost like a substitute for the drug they do not longer take. Working out is certainly a healthy way to spend ones time off of drugs and I find it good that ex-addicts set their minds on work-out activities. One must however question the health of taking supplements that are so close to steroids that one they are taken, a person may test positive for steroids.

Someone wanting to take these supplements are advised to really read up on the warnings and information that is available on the internet and it would be safer to take supplements that have some kind of approval or at least supplements that do not carry warnings that you may test positive for steroids if you take them. Parents should be alert for kids and youth taking these supplements as they may inadvertently be excluded form sports activities if they take them.
Steroids supposedly are not addictive drugs, but at least they are still illegal which is a deterrent for people to take them. I would recommend drug rehab programs to be on the alert for these supplements as well. One program that I know have had to issue policy that disallows their staff to take them as otherwise steroid testing becomes useless when the program cannot tell from testing if their staff are buying and taking steroids illegally, or if they are taking a legally bought supplement.

One would hope that the FDA will get faster in finding and banning these supplements so that it becomes less lucrative for the manufacturers to put them on the market.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information contained here should be considered medical advice. Alcohol and other drug detoxification should be done under medical and/or professional supervision. At the first sign of alcohol or drug withdrawal sysmpoms or discomfort, immediately seek medical advice. Do not attempt to detox from alcohol or other drugs without proper medical supervision. If you feel that you have a medical emergency, call 911 and seek local advice.

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