The PITA Group

PITA Group, Inc. provide Continuing Education in the Alcohol and Drug Field and other services to support effective alcohol and drug programs and providers.

PITA Group  is a non-profit organization with a mission of helping society better understand addiction and to provide solutions to common addiction problems. PITA Group has a history of upgrading the field’s professionalism and helping professionals to use “best practices” in finding solutions to repeated relapses and other chronic issues that keep our clients from being free of their addictive behaviors.  The PITA Group has been in existence for over 25 years.  They have provided certification for qualified alcohol and drug counselors, including those with specialities as Withdrawal Specialist, Intervention Specialist and alcohol and drug administrative supervisors.

The PITA Group subscribes to the philosophy that the answers to most conditions are those that make common sense and, therefore support drug-free, practical alcohol and other drug programs that base their clinical technology on effectiveness; positive outcomes. PITA supports programs that truly rehabilitate addicts by enhancing their abilities to learn and helping them accomplish tasks that support their positive ideas of themselves.

PITA Group’s President, Mac McGregor,  has been in the alcohol and drug rehab field, at some level, as long as there as been a AOD (alcohol and other drug) rehab field and he  has witnessed a time when there was only one drunk helping another, (AA), to a time when the medical community has determined that addiction is a brain disease, providing medications that will, supposedly, return addicts to their normal functioning.

PITA has been fortunate enough to identify programs and philosophies that make addiction an easily understood problem that can be solved without the use of other drugs or pharmaceuticals. The PITA Group support the nutritional basis of addiction and supports individuals and programs that follow these philosophies.

After its vice-president pass away from cancer, Mac, relocated back to Denmark where he has answered the needs of that community in providing alcohol and drug medical detoxification.

After his relocation, he joined forces with Ms. Martine Sending. Martine Sending, Norwegian native, is a certified holistic therapist focusing on Lifestyle Changes, using acupuncture, zone therapies, massage, motivational interviewing, nutritional counseling and physical exercise regimes. She has experiences in alcohol and drug withdrawal and detoxes, including sauna programs. She is an experienced interventionist, working with addicted persons of all ages. She focuses her empowerment work with the use of horses, wilderness experiences and education, climbing, nutrition, music and much more.

Mac McGregor is a Licensed alcohol and drug counselor and supervisor with IC&RC credentials. He has over 40 years experience in that alcohol and other drug treatment field, being one of the few persons that has personally visited over 150 residential treatment centers in his quest to find the “best practices”. He was the Vice-President of Aegis Medical Systems in California where he oversaw 32 medical clinics providing outpatient medical withdrawals and where he ensured the quality assurance for the attending physicians. From his experience and being the executive director of three residential alcohol and drug rehab programs, he has learned which practices are most appropriate for which chemical detoxes, leading to complete recovery.

The PITA Group is still in demand but they have reduced their active practice to a select few to ensure that all their cases are done in the manner that they have proven effective over the years.  However, they do have other programs that may meet your needs.  They can be reached at +45 22 30 70 09.


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